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Eph 3:16  "According to the riches of His glory He may grant you to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in your inner being,"



July 9-13, 2018

5:30-8:30 PM

If interested in helping please contact Meg Klees

Email: Phone: 570-289-4386 


It is the last Sunday in June, the big tent is up, the weather is beautiful, food is cooking over an open fire, music is in the air, kids are playing games, there is cotton candy, raffles, bingo, and prizes galore. For the past 5 years the Hop Bottom Borough Park has come alive with activity on this Sunday. Volunteers and friends of Grace make it possible for the greater community to enjoy an afternoon of fellowship.

Every community should have a “marque” event that rallies its people. Perhaps Friendship Sunday is becoming such an event for Hop Bottom. It’s an event at which Pastor Bode can share the Gospel with the crowd, and individual members can witness.

The church budget funds the event so that, just as God’s grace is free, this day is totally free to those that attend. People have a hard time understanding this concept and many times our guests offer to pay. Workers sometimes wonder if the time invested, money spent, and back-breaking work are producing enough results to be “worth it.”

We have no need to hear “Thank You,” but as with most repeating functions in the church, we sometimes grow weary. Our “core” of active people continues to get smaller, but the Lord continues to provide a few additional workers when needed. There is an element of faith and trust that this event is able to happen and produces results that we can see.

In the meantime we will continue to say:

“Hop Bottom we love you!

May we share Jesus with you?”

Everyone please personally invite someone.

            There will be sign up sheets in the back of the sanctuary for your participation. 


We are preparing for food distributions this summer.  The first of 5 bi-monthly distributions will be June 23rd and then each 2 weeks until the final one on August 18th.  Our church has been asked to assist by collecting cans of water-packed tuna fish.  Any brand is acceptable and the 5.5 oz. cans are preferred.  A collection box at the rear of the sanctuary is ready to accept your donations.

Summer Lunch Box continues to appreciate the many ways you continue to support this worthwhile project.  We thank you!

Lorraine Stanton,for Summer Lunch Box



What’s happening here is a new Bible study. It’s going down on Sunday mornings at 11:15.  The teacher of the class is the Holy Spirit with facilitation by Art Gundell. If you feel you can’t tell which side of the Bible is the front, that is just fine, you are welcome to join this study. If you have a personal Bible bring it and pencil, otherwise those can be provided.  We meet until 12:15 – 30 as a time limit, followed by a pot luck or fellowship at a restaurant each Sunday.


A Bible Study Opportunity

Women's Saturday morning Bible Study is at 9:00 a.m. The study is entitled “Mirror, Mirror; Reflections on God's Word”. What do you see in the mirror? Do you like the reflection? Many of us don't, but perhaps that's because we don't see ourselves the way God does—as His dear children. The eight lessons in “Mirror, Mirror” encourage you to dig into Scripture, ask you to make personal application of God's Word to your own life, and help you see yourself as He sees you: His beloved, redeemed daughter. We hope you will join us.



After two years of production, Samantha, daughter of Pastor and Anne Bode has finished her film documentary “The Longest Straw”. It has been submitted to a number of film festivals, one of which is located in our area this fall. Simply put, this film “ draws a connection between the water that supports a city (in this case Los Angeles) and that water’s source.” Learn more on Face Book ge_internal 

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